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Here at The British Wildlife Wiki, we aim to have a definition for all of the techincal terms used in this wiki so that people who do not understand them can find out their meanings. It is hoped that with this new user friendly feature being implemented that people will be able to learn more from this wiki, afterall you need to understand something to be able to learn about it. We are also going to introduce some definitions that are not used in the wiki at current times in the hope that people will use them in the future. We felt this is important as people of all ages will be using the wiki and they will come from all backgrounds and abilities.


All words in red are terms that are going to explained soon!

Terms Explained:

A: Abdomen, Achene, Acute, Adaptation, Alga, Alien, Alternate, Amplexus, Annual, Antennae, Anther, Appressed, Aquatic, Arboreal, Aril, Auricle, Awn, Axil, Albinism, Asexual

B: Baleen, Basal, Basic, Beak, Berry, Biennial, Biodiversity, Bivalve, Bog, Bract, Bracteole, Bulb, Bulbil, Buck

C: Cap, Calcareous, Calcicole, Calcifuge, Calyx, Cap, Capsule, Carapace, Carnivore, Carpal, Caterpillar, Catkin, Cephalothroax, Cerci, Chlorophyll, Cladode, Clasping, Cocoon, Colony, Composite, Compound, Compound Eyes, Cone, Conifer, Cordate, Corm, Corolla, Courtship, Crepusclar, Cultivar

D: Deciduous, Decurrent, Deliquesce, Dentate, Digitate, Dioecious, Disc floret, Dispersal, Diurnal, Dorsal, Drey, Drupe

E: Ear coverts, Echolocation, Elytra, Emergent,Endemic, Entomology, Entire, Epicalyx, Epiphyte, Evergreen, Eye-stripe

F: Feral, Fen, Filament, Fledge, Flexuous, Flight feathers, Floret, Frond, Fruits

G: Gall, Genus, Glabrous, Gland, Glaucous, Globose, Glume

H: Habitat, Herbivore, Herpetology, Hibernation, Holdfast, Holt, Hybrid, Hyphae

I: Immature, Incubate, Inflorescence, Insectivore, Instar, Introduced, Invertebrate

J: Juvenile

K: Keel

L : Lanceolate, Larva, Latex, Latex, Lax, Leaflet, Lenticel, Lex, Lepidoptery, Ligule, Linear, Lip, Lobe, Lodge, Lore

M: Malar Stripe, Mantle, Melanic, Melanin, Metamorphosis, Microspecies, Midrib, Migrant, Mindrib, Moult, Mucus, Mycelium

N: Native, Needle, Nocturnal, Node, Nut, Nutlet, Nymph

O: Oblong, Obtuse, Omnivore, Operculum, Opposite, Ornithology, Ovoviviparous, Oval, Ovary, Ovate, Ovoid, Ovipositor

P: Palmate, Palps, Panicle, Pappus, Parasite, Parthenogenetic, Parthenogenesis, Passage Migrant, Pedicel, Pelage, Pellet, Perennial, Perfoliate, Perianth, Petals, Petiole, Pinnate, Photosynthesis, Polygamous Pod, Pollen, Pollinia, Preen, Procumbent, Pronotum, Prostrate, Pubescent, Pupa

Q: Quadrilateral

R: Ray, Ray Floret, Recceptacle, Recurved, Reflexed, Rhizome, Ripirian, Rosette, Rostrum, Runner

S: Saprophyte, Scats, Scutellum, Secondaries, Sepal, Sessile, Shrub, Sole, Spadix, Spathe, Speculum, Species, Speading, Spike, Spikelet, Spore, Spraint, Stamen, Stigma, Style, Stipule, Stolon, Succulent, Supercillium

T: Tarsus, Tendril, Tepals, Terrestrial, Territory, Tertials, Thallus, Thorax, Tomentose, Tragus, Trefoil, Trifoliate, Truncate, Tuber, Tubercle

U: Umbel, Umbo, Ungulate

V: Ventral, Viviparous

W: Whorl, Wingbar, Wing coverts, Wingspan

X: Some terms will be coming soon!

Y: Some terms will be coming soon!

Z: Zoology

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