Aloha All. I'm Jack, or Purple Centipede as many will know, and I am (now) one of the admins of this wiki, as well as a keen photography, and you can find me on Flickr (click my name for link). I am a keen birder and moth-er, and have seen my fair share or rarities, including Stilt Sandpiper, Marsh Harrier, Hooded Merganser, Portland Ribbon Wave (not on Portland though), Bloxworth Snout (not at Bloxworth), and Dotted Chestnut.

Well... any questions, feel free to ask away :-)

A selection of picsEdit

  • P1160022.jpg Common Cuckoo ~ Radipole Lake
  • Oleander Hawkmoth ~ Trapped West Bexington
  • Great Crested Grebe ~ Radipole Lake
  • Black-headed Gull ~ Radipole Lake
  • Clifden Nonpareil ~ Trapped Wareham Forest
  • Chiton ~ Fleet
  • Flat Periwinkle ~ Kimmeridge
  • Philip II - A Lesser Yellow Underwing Larvea - The first caterpillar I am raising
  • Ring-necked Parakeet - Weymouth
  • Lime Hawkmoth - 30.5.12

My Favourite PagesEdit

Well, obviously, some of my favourites are going to be moths, and the hawkmoths are hard to beat in impressiveness, though my favourite moth has to go to the common Shuttle-shaped Dart.

Birdwise, even trickier, but I think the personality of Coots is great, though, again, Eagles and Falcons are impressive.

Other wildlife, I do like crabs and crayfish, as well as the odd spider

Also, any animal with a name like Blood-red Slave-making Ant has to be in my favourites!! :-)


Admin of Categories and Admin of Lepidoptera Pages TheWWC 00:21, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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