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The Time Lines are here to show when a species is active in Britain. Species with these will include Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Damselflies a

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nd Dragonflies.

They will work alongside the Distribution Maps to let you know when a certain animal is active in the uk.

The Distribution Maps are limited to only letting you know at best whether an animal is in the UK in the summer or winter if it is a migrant. If it is widespread then you have no idea when it is active. This is why these timelines are such a good idea. Along with the location we now have time. We hope this will help you find the animals that you are looking for!

N.B. In some years species will appear out of their time period due to unusual weather such as mild winters or wet summers, which may affect certain species. For example, in 2011, Cream-spot Tigers were almost finished when their generation should have started, but in 2012, there were still larva at this time, and they emerged slightly later than usual.