These are bogs which are mostly composed of sphagnum mosses. They offer habitat for few species, many of which are found in very few other

Bog ~



As their name suggests, this habitat consists mostly of Sphagnum Mosses, though other plants can be found. Marsh Gentian and Bog Asphodel are found here, and in the water, Bog Pondweed can be seen. Sundews are also common here.


Many of the invertebrates in this habitat are very small, including springtails and mites, but larger species can be seen. Large Marsh Grasshopper is a species which is only found in this habitat, while the Great Green Bush-cricket can also be seen. Wasp Spiders are often seen nearby, and many small flies can be seen.


Few large vertebrates can be seen here, but Common and Marsh Frogs can be seen, and in some locations are abundant. Also, newts can be seen in the pools.

Short-eared Owls and Hen Harriers will often nest on moors, including bogs, and other smaller bird species can be seen, such as pipits and larks.

Species seenEdit

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Bog Moss Large Marsh Grasshopper Common Sundew Bog Pondweed
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