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The Snake Pipefish (Entelurus aequoreus) can grow to 41cm.


Takes place during spring and summer, the male carries the eggs externally.


An open water species.


Small invertebrates, mostly crustaceans.


Found as far north Iceland

Additional Notes[]

The very small caudal and colouration sets this fish apart from other pipefish.

The body is long and thin and covered with indistinct bony plates. It is a uniform light brown colour with many vertical, blue rings around the body. A red streak runs horizontal through the eyes. The head has a long, thin, rounded snout with a small upturned mouth; the eyes are small and situated halfway between the snout and gill covers. The dorsal fin is situated half way along the body, and small pectorals are situated behind the gills. This fish has a very small, triangular caudal fin which looks as if it has been cut short. Pelvic and anal fins are absent.


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