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Sand Star -

The Sand Star (Astropecten irregularis), can reach a diameter of 20cm. The body is flat and rigid, it also has five short purple-tipped arms. Common along the west coasts of the UK.

Recorded from the Shetland Islands, the Orkneys, the west coasts of England and Scotland and around the coast of Ireland. It has also been recorded near Aberdeen, St Andrews Bay and along the Northumberland coastline.

Found partly buried on clean sand or sandy mud. Occurs in the sublittoral to depths of about 1000 m. Specimens can often be found washed ashore after storms event.

Astropecten irregularis has a stiff flattened body. It can grow up to 20 cm in diameter. The dorsal surface appears finely granular. The under surface of this starfish is pale, however the upper surface can appear sandy, yellow orange, pink or brown. It often has purple tips at the end of each arm and a purple spot at the centre of the disc. At the edge of each arm there is a double series of large marginal plates. The upper marginal plates have a larger conical spine. It has pointed tube feet without suckers.


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