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Fin-perfect adult roach

The Roach (Rutilus rutilus), lives in large schools in rivers, canals, lakes and ponds. They can tolerate poor-quality water, but grow best in good quality water and can reach over 2.2lbs in weight (1kg) in such conditions. It is very popular with anglers and favoured baits are usually bread, maggots and worms. It spawns in April-June time and the female will lay upto two hundred thousand eggs. The male matures after 3 years and the female will mature after four years. Maturity and growth rates depend on the quality of water the fish is living in and the available food supply - they particularly favour a good head of small freshwater snails..


Size: Up to 50cm

Description: Silvery bodies with a green tinge on the back. Red fins and orange-red eyes.

Habitat: Very common living in lakes and slow-flowing rivers

Feeding: Molluscs and plant material

Similar species: Rudd




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Wild Roach