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The Poor Cod (Trisopterus minutus) usually grows no greater than 23cm.

Standard Poorcod

Poor Cod (W Sussex beach)


Body form very similar to T.luscus (Pouting), with it's three dorsal fins, the first of which is short based and pointed, and the two anal fins that closely mirror their dorsal counterparts. The body depth to head length, is less than that seen in the pouting, but the eyes are proportionally larger. The colouration is very similar, although tending to be more pearly, and lacking any vertical bands or strips. The anus is set further back towards the first anal fin, rather than being set beneath the centre of the first dorsal fin, as seen in the pouting. The pelvic fin of the Poor Cod only reaches the anal vent, whilst that of the Pouting, reaches further back over the first anal fin.


Spawns between March to April, and matures in about two years, at a length between 11 to 12.5cm


Tends to occur in deeper water than the Pouting, in depths ranging between 30 to 300m, favouring rocky substrates, wreaks, etc. The younger fish tend to be found in shallower waters than the adults.


Diet consists mainly of small crustaceans and fish, such as crabs, shrimps, gobies, etc.


Found all around the waters of the UK.


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