Tanyard Orfe

"Half-golden" orfe


Three-pound orfe

Tanyard Golden Orfe

A little orfe !

The Orfe (Leusiscus idus), is also known as an 'Ide'. It is a member of the Carp Family idigenous to mainland Europe. In the wild form it is silver, but selective breeding for aquaria has produced two colour forms - the "Blue Orfe" and the "Golden Orfe". both of which are popular in the use of stocking aquariums and fish ponds. They are abundant in the Danube and in the big rivers of Europe. They are fished commercially in Europe. They can survive all year round without controlled temperature changes. Ide feed on zooplankton, aquatic insects, trapped floating insects, molluscs, algae and some water weeds.

The silver form superficially resembles the chub, but can be readily distinguished by its more numerous and smaller scales (about 43 to 46 along the lateral line in the case of the chub, 56 to 51 in the orfe.)

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