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The Norway Pout (Trisopterus esmarki) rarely grows above 20cm.


Similar body plan to that of the Pouting and the Poor Cod, although the chin barbel is much shorter, and is less than the eye diameter. The overall body size is also reduced, and the lower jaw projects from beneath the upper jaw. The back is a brownish bronze, merging into the silvery grey of the sides and white belly.


Spawns between March to May, and matures at two years, at a length of between 11 to 15cm.


Associated with deep water and muddy substrates, in depths between 100 to 200m. It is a shoaling fish found in abundance, although being rare closer inshore.


Mainly feeds on planktonic Crustaceans, Copepods, and Krill.


Found mainly towards the north of the U.K., and tends to be absent in the The Channel.

Additional Notes[]

Economically important in that it is a food for Cod and other fish, and is caught by mid-water trawlers for the production of fish meal.


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