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The Morris's Wainscot (Chortodes morrisii morrisii) is a species of moth in the Noctuidae family.

Description & Similar Species[]

This species is a rather small macro moth, measuring just over a cm from head to wingtip. This rather plain moth is reflective white, with a series of small dots across the wings. The subspecies Bond's Wainscot (C. morrisii bondii) is very similar, but slightly larger, and more heavily speckled.

The most similar species is the Concolorous, which is smaller, with more distinct black markings across the wings, as well as being greyer, with white bands. Small Dotted Buff is buffer in colour, as well as being much more strongly marked.


The larvae feed internally at the base of Tall Fescue, and can be found from Autumn to Winter.

Range & Habitat[]

This species is classed as a Red Data Book species in Britain, restricted to the coastline in southwest England. While it is rare, it can be common where it occurs. Bond's Wainscot is found on Chalk in Kent, but it hasn't been seen here for a number of years, and feared extinct.

While one of Britain's rarest moth species, it is also one of the world's rarest moth species, found from 3 countries in Europe.