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The Meagre or Salmon Bass (Argyrosomus regium) can grow to 200 cm.


Southern Mediterranean - April to July


Lives in inshore waters down to 370 metres. Young fish enter estuaries.


Mostly fish including sprats, pilchards, herring, and grey mullet


From the Indian Ocean to southern Britain (very rare migrant).

Additional Notes[]

Similar to the bass but is much darker in colour, has a long second dorsal fin and croaks when caught taken out of the water. Meagre are an important food fish in southern Africa, where they are known a Kablejou.

tThis is fish similar in shape to the bass but is much darker in colour, being bronze above and silvery white below. It has two dorsal fins; the first having nine hard spines while the second, soft rayed fin, starts directly after the first and stretches almost to the caudal peduncle. The anal fin is small and set well back. The head is short and rounded with a large mouth containing small teeth. The lateral line has several branches to each tube and curves from the gill cover, over the pectoral fin, to run in a straight line to the middle of the caudal peduncle.


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