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WildWords is a project run by The British Wildlife Wiki to explain all the terms on the wiki.

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Red Deer - Aaron Blackman

The red deer is Britain's largest land mammal. This large native animal is active durig the day and the night. It tends to be more active during the night in areas where hunting takes place. The stags and hinds live in seperate herds except during the rutting season in autumn. It lives in woodlands in fairly small groups but then travels in much larger herds in the highlands. They move uphill during the day to graze and move downhill at night for sheltering. They eat heather, lichens, grasses, but althought they are hardy creatures, they can die in severe weather although they have an ability to dig when it snows.  There about and quarter of a million Red Deer in Scotland and this limits the amount of regeneration of trees and other vegetation. Mainly found in Scotland, the Lake District, Exmoor, Quantocks and New Forest. Read More...

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