British Wildlife Wiki

A List of British Amphibians on the Wiki.

Family Salamandridae

Subfamily Salamandra

Salamandra salamandra - Fire Salamander

Subfamily Pleurodelinea

Triturus cristatus - Great Crested Newt


Great Crested Newt -

Triturus vulgaris - Smooth Newt

Triturus helveticus - Palmate Newt

Triturus aplestris - Alpine Newt

Triturus carnifex - Italian Crested Newt

Family Bufonidae

Bufo bufo - Common Toad

Bufo calamita - Natterjack Toad

Alytes obstetricans - Midwife Toad

Bombina variegata - Yellow-bellied Toad

Family Anura

Discoglossus pictus - Painted Frog

Hyla arborea - European Tree Frog

Litoria caerulea- Australian Green Tree Frog

Rana temperaria - Common Frog

Rana ridibunda - Marsh Frog

Rana esculenta - Edible Frog

Rana catesbeiniana - American Bullfrog

Pelophylax lessonae - Pool Frog

Xenopus laevis - African Clawed Frog