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Lime hawkmoth

Lime Hawk-moth - K.Noble

The Lime Hawk-moth (Mimas tiliae), is a moth of the family Sphingidae.


This species is quite variable in markings, the ground colour of the forewings being being pinkish or buff, darker towards the tornus, marked with one or two dark green or brown blotches, and often merged to form continuous fascia across the middle of the forewing. The hindwings are plainer, grey or buffish brown. The wingspan is 70–80 millimetres (2.8–3.1 in), the male usually being smaller but more strongly marked than the female. This moth flies at night in May and June, and is attracted to light. The adults do not feed.


The larva is green with yellow and red markings along the side and a blue horn at the hind end typical of the family. It feeds mainly on lime but has also been recorded feeding on other trees and shrubs. Their colour changes to purple-grey when ready to pupate, at which point they wander in search of a pupation site. Thespecies overwinters as a pupa in the soil at the base of its host tree.


This species is widespread in southern Britain, and is found where the foodplants occur.