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The Light Brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas postvittana) is a species of moth in the Tortricidae family.


A medium sized micro moth, this species is sexually diamorphic. The males are smaller than the females, and has a light brown head, and a darker brown patch on the outer edge. The females are light brown, with dark brown streaks running along the wings. This species can be seen throughout the year.


This species is widespread in Britain, particularly in southern England, and is more scattered in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In many places, this species is the most common moth on the wing. Native to Australia, this species was introduced to Britain in the 1930's.

Light Brown Apple Moth Male

Male Light Brown Apple Moth -

Impact on Native Wildlife[]

While it seems it doesn't have a huge affect on species, because this species feeds on a range of plants, and is often abundant, this species will often out compete many similar moths which are similar to it, and some species of tortrix, which are, say restricted to reedbeds, will often have to compete with this species, and the Light Brown Apple Moth will often become dominant.