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The Land Caddisfly (Enoicyla pusilla) is a species of caddisfly found in Britain.


The adults of this species are not very well known, with the females being wingless while the males have wings, though both are small, with the male having a wingspan of 1.5cm. The females are about 5mm long. The larvae and larval cases, which are most often found, can reach 8mm long, and are covered by bits of bark, leaves and small stones.


Although this species isn't found in water, and is Britain's only species of caddisfly which doesn't, it still needs high humidity. This species is found in oak leaf-litter, though can also be found among mosses, and also alder and birch leaf-litters. This species prefers moist leaf-litters (but not too wet), and those which have been broken down a fair bit tend to be favourited.


This species is unique among British caddisflies in the fact that the larva isn't found in water. The larva can be found in damp leaf-litters, but if it's too wet, for example following a recent flood, this species will climb onto bramble, and dry itself out, but not below 70% humidity. It appears that the larvae will also use mouse paths to move about.


This rare species is only found in Worcestershire and the surrounding counties, though it does seem to thrive in some places.