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The Grass Eggar (Lasiocampa trifolii) is a species of moth in the Lasiocampidae family.


This is a large moth which flies during late Summer and early Autumn. This species is dark brown in colour, with two yellow-brown crosslines, with it being darker between the two crosslines. In this dark area, there is a single white dot on each forewing. The female is larger and broader than the male. This species is larger than the Lackey, but smaller than the Oak Eggar.


This species is classed as Nationally Scarce A in Britain, and is restricted to sand dunes, cliffs and heaths in Dorset, Scilly, Hampshire, Somerset, Cornwall, Cheshire, Glamorgan, Lancashire and the Channel Islands. In all of these counties, it is scarce and found only in a few locations.


The larvae, which can be seen from Spring into Summer, are large and hairy, and feed on a variety of plants, depending on where it is. The larvae shown was found at Studland, where it will feed on Marram Grass.

Pale Grass Eggar[]

The Pale Grass Eggar is a rare form which is called flava. This form is classed in the Red Data Book, and is known from the Channel Islands and Kent. In the Channel Islands, it is very rare and occurs in very small numbers. In Kent, it is known from a single site, where the population is fairly large. The Pale Grass Eggar is very similar to the Grass Eggar, but as it's name suggests, it is much paler, being a straw yellow in colour.