British Wildlife Wiki

Gardens offer alot of chances for wildlife, as they often have lots of plants, and usually there are bird feeders and boxes. Gardens are often like mini parks. People have lawns and ponds which can bee seen in bigger parks. Gardens may also have log piles, overgrown areas and a tree or two. All of these features maximise the chance for wildlife which in turn, maximises the chance of you finding some.

Parks often have wildfowl, and also offer species such as deer to be seen. The areas of habitat can be varried such as areas of open grassland, streams, sparce woodland and even small ponds and lake. They are a great place to start seeing all kinds of different wildlife throughout the year. No matter where you look, be in under a stone or in the grass, you are bound to find something.

Species Seen[]

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Wood Duck Garden Tiger English Oak Starling
Fallow Deer Hedgehog Fox Leek Moth