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The Dark Bordered Beauty (Epione vespertaria) is a species of moth in the Geometridae family.


This species is very similar to the Bordered Beauty, but is slightly smaller with a darker border. The wings are orange-yellow, with a dark border on the outer edge, which ranges from purple-orange to brown. Sometimes the base colour is yellow. There are often four small dots on the wings, and a inner crossline which only covers the forewing. In the Bordered Beauty, the angle of this line is much steeper. This species flies from July into August.


This species is a Red Data Book species in Britain, and is known from three sites in Britain. They are Aberdeenshire and Iverness-shire in Scotland, and smaller populations in Yorkshire and Northumberland. Individuals sometimes turn up elsewhere.


The larvea feed on Aspen and Creeping Willow in Britain. They can be seen from May till July.