Coniferous forest

Coniferous Forest Exterior - Ruben Baumgartner

Conifierous forests consist mostly of conifirs (hence the name), which are evergreen trees.

Many species depend on coniferous woodland as it supplies a year-round food-source, which few species feed on. One species, the Capercaillie, is a large, black gamebird, which feeds on pine needles, and is restricted to Scotland in Britain. Another species, the Crossbill feed on the cones which the trees use to spread their seeds. Many insects use these woodlands, such as many beetles and moths, and because of the habitat, they are found in very few other places. As they are evergreen, they often form dense forests, where very little light gets to the ground. These woodlands can be found at quite high altitudes.

Species SeenEdit

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Great Spotted Woodpecker Short-eared Owl Crossbill



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