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Common Shrimp

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The Common Prawn (Crangon crangon) is a commercially important species of shrimp fished mainly in the southern North Sea, although also found in the Irish Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea, as well as off much of Scandinavia and parts of Morocco's Atlantic coast.

Adults are typically 30–50 mm (1¼–2 inches) long, although individuals up to 90 mm have been recorded. The animals have cryptic coloration, being a sandy brown colour, which can be changed to match the environment. They live in shallow water, which can also be slightly brackish, and feed nocturnally. During the day, they remain buried in the sand to escape predatory birds and fish, with only their antennae protruding.

They are sometimes found in pools (or estuaries) at low tide and has superb camouflage against sand and the bottoms of rockpools.