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The Common Footman (Eilema lurideola) is a moth of the family Arctiidae. It is distributed throughout the Palearctic region and the Near East.

Common footman

Common Footman

This species has a wingspan of 31-38 mm. The forewings are grey with a yellowish-buff streak along the costa. The hindwings are a uniform cream colour. Like other footmen, it rests with its wings wrapped around its body (The common name footman comes from a supposed resemblance to the uniform of such a servant). This moth flies at night in July and August and is attracted to light and nectar-rich flowers.

Common Footman TL

When the Common Footman is active

The larva is grey and hairy, with black lines down the back and an orange line down each side. It usually feeds on various lichens, although it has also been recorded feeding on buckthorn and oak. The species overwinters as a larva.