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Butterflies of Britain.

Butterflies are day-flying insects in the Lepidoptera order, joined with moths. There are several family, including the skippers. There is some debate over the grouping of skippers, as some say they are day-flying moths, others say that they are neither moths or butterflies, though most class them as butterflies.

90% of sperm produced by male butterflies is infertile. While it is not certain for the reasoning of this, it is thought to be to get trigger the production of fertile sperm, as well as clearing out the female, as the infertile sperm is larger, and possibly rids her of other male's sperm.

There are 55 resident species of butterflies in Britain, some species are widespread, such as the Small Tortoiseshell, but others are rare, such as the Lulworth Skipper.

As butterflies can't process oxygen as larger animals do, too much can kill them, but they still need some to survive.

Lepidoptera Diagram

Diagram showing the anatomy of Butterflies

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