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Brick - D Shenton

The Brick (Agrochola circellaris), or 'the brick' as it is often called, is a member of the Noctuidae family which appears as an adult in late autumn.

This is a variable species, the forewings ranging from yellow to reddish brown and marked with paler stigmata and fascia. The most distinctive marking is a dark discal spot, with a diffuse dark band linking it to the costa. The hindwings are dirty grey with pale cream margins. The wingspan is 34-44 mm. This moth flies at night from August to October and will come to light but is more strongly attracted to some flowers and sugary foods.

The larva usually feeds on Wych Elm , with a preference for the flowers and seeds, but has been recorded on other elms, ash , poplar, Bird Cherry and Common Osier. This species overwinters as an egg.