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The Bond's Waincot (Chortodes morrisii bondii) is a species of moth in the Noctuidae family.


This species is a subspecies of moth, and is similar to the other subspecies, the Morris's Wainscot. This species is cream-white in colour, and has a rather short and broad forewing, with light black speckling, and a dotted black crossline.

Similar species[]

The Morris's Wainscot (C. morrisii morrisii) lacks the dotted cross-line on the outer edge of the forewing. The Concolorous is also similar, but is smaller with more prominent dots.


Chortodes morrisii feeds on Tall Fescue.

Status and Distribution[]

This subspecies is classed as a Red Data Book species in Britain, though it is thought this species is now extinct. This species was found in grassy chalk slopes near Folkstone Leas in Kent, but has not been since since the 1970s.