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Blue Tit

The Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) is a small passerine bird.

During the summer the Blue Tit will feed mainly on insects which it will search for on twigs and tips of new shoots. In the winter it becomes a regular visitor to bird tables and favours nuts and seeds. It is a lively and agile bird. Nests are made in holes in trees or bird boxes and are filled with a selection of dead leaves, wool, moss and hair. A female can lay a clutch up to fourteen eggs, they will lay an egg daily and incubation starts when the clutch is almost complete. The young chicks most favoured food is caterpillars and are able to fly within three weeks


Size: 11-12cm

Description: Blue wings and tail, yellow undersides with a white head and blue crown. Black bib and eye stripe.

Habitat: Frequent in gardens, woodlands and farmland

Voice: 'tsee-tsee-sit' call

Flight: Yellow underparts are clearly visible when flying

Similar Species: Great tit



thumb|left|312px|Blue tit caring for young - Youtube