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The Bloxworth Snout (Hypena obsitalis) is a species of moth in the Noctuidae family.


This medium sized moth has a fairly variable forewing. The forewings are usually brown, and the kidney mark is usually a chalky white, but sometimes darker. A white crossline sometimes passes through from one kidney mark to the other. Like all members of Hypena, this species has a long snout, which helps ID this group. This species

Hypena obsitalis - Bloxworth Snout (adult)

Bloxworth Snout -

flies in two generations. The first is in the Summer, but the second is in the Autumn, which the moths hibernate and emerge in Spring, often in May, but in warm Springs, earlier.


This species is a Red Data Book species which is found in south west England, most frequent in Dorset. Also established in the Channel Islands, and also recorded from Essex and Ireland as suspected immigrants. It appears this species is spreading.

Similar Species[]

The most similar species is the Paignton Snout, but that is a rare immigrant recorded in southern England, and is larger, with wings which are a bit more slender. Buttoned Snout has much more slender wings.


The larvea, which is seen from June to July and August till September feeds on Pellitory-of-the-wall.