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Meloe proscarabaeus

Meloe proscarabaeus - D.Skingsley

The Black Oil Beetle (Meloe proscarabaeus) is a European oil beetle. It lives in meadows, field margins and other warm sites in all but the far north of the continent. It lacks hind wings and the elytra are correspondingly reduced in size.

Life cycle[]

Eggs are laid in the soil by females. Then the larvae hatch, they climb into a flower, and await visiting solitary bees. With their well-developed claws, the larvae attach themselves to the bee and return with it to its nest. Here, they feed on the bee's eggs and the pollen and nectar it

Black Oil-beetle TL

When the Black Oil Beetle is active

had collected. The larva pupates in the bee's nest, and leaves the nest to seek a mate directly afterwards.

Black Oil Beetle

Female Black Oil Beetle digging. ~