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The British Wildlife Wiki we want to provide you with as much information on a variety of subjects as we can, and now we are making a Bird Eggshell Identifiaction Guide. This is for then you are out in the field and maybe you find a eggshell on the floor, spot a nest with your binoculars or stumble across a nest on the ground. The guide includes some common eggs and some rarer ones too.

We discourage you disturbing the nests and this guide uses images from a generous member of the public which specialises in making hand crafted replica bird eggs.

To buy some of the eggs or take a look at the range please click here.

Egg Anatomy[]

This diagram shows the anatomy of a freshly fertilised chicken egg.

Anatomy of an Egg - WWC Archives


Below is a visual guide to the most commonly found bird eggs in Britain. A description and information on protection laws will be listed below them shortly.

  • Please note that the eggs are not to size and may not be in alphabetical order.